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Self-Improvement Roadmap

This programme is a collection of highly structured sessions, designed for the purpose of greatly improving ones's self-awareness and pro-activeness towards their own life; thereby accelerating self-exploration and understanding, pattern-correction, personal growth and self-improvement.


This programme consists of various stages and steps, each designed to achieve a specific purpose and get you closer to where you want to be in life. Each step and stage will leave you better than you were before.


All you need is a little bit of courage, dedication and faith. In return, you'll gain enormous self-awareness and self-confidence, and a remarkably purposeful life, full of intention, happiness and joy.

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Benefits of Structured Sessions

       Benefits of structured sessions are four-fold:

  1. Structured sessions tend to be more systematic in nature, designed to maximize intuition and insight, while minimizing irrelevant tangents and waste of effort.

  2. They provide a greater opportunity to make steady and patient efforts, and by extension, stabler progress.

  3. They provide tools and hard-skills that can be repeated and revisited in the face of stress and turmoil, hence, enabling resourcefulness.

  4. They are much less hit-and-trial, which helps develop a stronger and much more potent instinct for self-compassion, self-understanding and self-preservation.

Structured Session
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Is this for you?

The first thing to consider while deciding whether this programme is for you is: (1) the amount of dissatisfaction you are currently experiencing in your day-to-day life. If it seems a lot, you will most probably benefit from this programme.

The second thing to consider is: (2) whether a you feel an inadequate sense of personal direction in your life. Whether you generally feel — that you're bored, or that you're stuck in a loop, or that you're missing a sense of joy. If you feel that you should be more satisfied with the current state of your life, but just aren't, and you don't know why, you will probably find this programme most helpful.


The third and last thing to consider is: (3) whether you're finding it particularly difficult to devote time and effort towards your personal goals and dreams.  If you're finding it too tough to make consistent effort and progress towards your personal life goals, you will most probably find this programme effective.

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Programme Structure

Deep Exploration

Detailed exploration of various areas of life


Systematic discovery of unhelpful and detrimental patterns


Method correction
of undesirable
patterns of thought


Uncovering life passions, purposes and goals


Preparation of an action plan for
specific areas of life


Learning to make consistent efforts & steady progress




Programm Structure
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Stage 1: Exploration

This stage is designed to help you (1) de-focus and step back from your current distresses and holistically look at your whole life. Then, (2) re-focus on different aspects of your life in a more objective and compartmentalized way.


At the end of this stage, you will have a substantially better idea about the sources of your distress, the sources of your strengths, and the sources of your pleasures, and also a clearer idea of how you want your life to look like.

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Stage 2: Awareness

This stage is designed to help you further explore the most distressful aspects of your life. This stage will help you identify and correct most persistent of your negative thought and behavioral patterns which are likely holding you back and hindering your progress in various aspects of your life.


At the end of this stage, you will be able to objectively understand and notice these self-limiting patterns, and counter them in order to make progress and increase your satisfaction from the targeted areas.

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Stage 3: Intention

This stage is designed to help you plan and set concrete life-goals in a manner that will help you be most productive and consistent with your time and efforts. At the end of this stage, you will have learned twelve tools and skills that will help you navigate your life more successfully and holistically, thereby maximizing your happiness and enjoyment while making steady personal, social and professional progress.

These tools will help you build impeccable routine and discipline in order to maximize the potential of your efforts and minimize the wastefulness of your time and energy.

In the end, you will have reached, what we like to call, a state of Total Consciousness. A state in which you start living your life pro-actively and deliberately. Where you begin to intentionally shape and influence your world the way you want it to be.

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4-6 Weeks


2-4 Weeks

1 Week

No. of Tools






No. of Sessions






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