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Quick Self-Assessment (Beta)


This short test is designed to quickly ascertain the state of a person's mind, based on certain areas and experiences of life which are common to us all. Therefore, it will not fit any single individual completely. The accuracy of this test will depend on the level of honesty and self-awareness you will apply. However, the objective of this test is not to diagnose anyone and should not be considered as such.

1. How comfortable are you with your thoughts?

Not at all


2. How long can you spend time alone without it bothering you?

Few Hours

Many Days

3. How comfortable are you with other people in general?

Not at all


4. When you look back a few months or years, how far do you feel you've come as a person?

Not Far

Very Far

5. When you think about your future, how do you feel?

Very Worried

Very Excited

Thank you for participating! Please check your inbox for results.

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